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  Spriteworks Development's web development tools, scripts and other web authoring software
  CSS NavBar v1.0
  RollMe! v1.0
  SuperScroller v1.0
  SuperWin v1.0
  SD-Graph v1.0
  SD-Book v1.0
  ScrollMe v1.0
  PhotoShare v1.0
  Online Announcer v1.0
  Visual Web Template v1.0
  PetSite v1.0
  DateSite v1.0
  JobSite v1.0
  ScriptSite v1.0
  SoftSite v1.0
  Battle Blox v1.0
  Media Machine v1.0
   Scripting Mod's v2.0
  WinScripter v1.0
  TextureWorks v1.0
  Hypertext Guide v2.0
   Icon Bank v4.0
   Button Blast v2.0

  Spriteworks Development's web development tools, scripts and other web authoring software
  Arrow-Bar v1.0
  Ball-Bar v1.0
  Box-Over v1.0
  Cara-Pic v1.0
  Circle-U v1.0
  Cube-U v1.0
  Double-V v1.0
  Drop-Box v1.0
  Frame-It v1.0
  Hi-Liter v1.0
  IMG-Bar v1.0
  LED-Bar v1.0
  Link-Box v1.0
  Link-Show v1.0 (Img)
  Link-Show (T/H) v1.0
  Link-Show (T/V) v1.0
  Linkpeeker v1.0
  Menu-Bar v1.0
  Navi-Bar v1.0
  Nav-U v1.0
  NewsKaster v1.0
  NewsKeeper v1.0
   Photo-Phriend v1.0
   Pic-Matic v1.0
   Pic-Share v1.0
   Proggybar v1.0
   Push-Me v1.0
  R-Bar v1.0
  Rock-Me v1.0
  SD-Flyout v1.0
  SD-Menu (H) v1.0
  SD-Menu (V) v1.0
  SD-Scroll v1.0
  SD-Tabs v1.0
  SD-Bar v1.0
   Sidebar-Buddy v1.0
   Stat-Box v1.0
   Tabby v1.0
  Tab-It v1.0
  Tee-Tip v1.0
  Thumb-Bar v1.0
  Thumb-Show v1.0
  Thumb-View v1.0
  Zoom-It (H) v1.0
  Zoom-It (V) v1.0

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- Spriteworks Developments Hosting Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) -

Spriteworks Developments Remote Hosting Terms and Conditions:
The following is Spriteworks Development's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Terms of Service (TOS) which governs all of
Spriteworks Development's hosting-related services. By using any part of Spriteworks Development's remote hosting services (even without reading this agreement) you are nonetheless bound by all of the terms in this agreement as well as the terms contained within Spriteworks Development's legal agreement. Spriteworks Developments reserves the right to modify, amend, revise, integrate or adapt any portion of this policy at any time and without post or prior notice to you. It is your responsibility to return here frequently and make yourself familiar with this agreement prior to using any of Spriteworks Development's hosting services and if you have any questions regarding these service you are encouraged to open a ticket at the Help Desk. Spriteworks Developments attempts to provide the best possible service to customers but will not tolerate any unlawful activity or abuse on Spriteworks Development's servers. Spriteworks Developments respect freedom of speech and expression unless it is harmful to others. These brief guidelines are imposed to protect you, other hosting customers and Spriteworks Developments against harm.

Payment Policies, Fees, Refunds and Terms of Agreement:
All of
Spriteworks Development's remote hosting services include a 7 day free trial period. Billing starts automatically after your 7-day free trial period expires unless you cancel it before that time. Your account will then be billed once every 30 days or until you decide to cancel it. There is no risk or obligation and you can cancel at any time. There is a limit of one subscription per user. Once your free trial period has been converted to a paid subscription, you are free to purchase additional subscriptions as previous ones are converted. Spriteworks Development's secure payment system utilizes convenient, recurrent billing via PayPal, a secure payment processor. As a policy, Spriteworks Developments does not offer credits or refunds for hosting time already expended. Price changes are not retroactive and will not be applied to existing customer's accounts. Spriteworks Developments periodically sends notifications out to Spriteworks Development's hosting customers from time to time when new features become available as a courtesy to users. By subscribing to any of Spriteworks Development's remote hosting services, you agree to receive these notices. If you would rather not receive these notifications, please open a support ticket.

The above only applies to cancellation by the client. If cancellation is done by Spriteworks Developments due to a restrictions violation, there will be no refunds given. Spriteworks Developments will only allow for the discount if cancellation is not the fault of the client, as determined by Spriteworks Developments. All monetary transactions are in $Spriteworks Developments dollars. Additional features such as extra space, additional bandwidth, etc can be added at any time. Monthly feature prices are not pro-rated. Spriteworks Developments Hosting reserves the right to modify it's prices at any time.

Account Cancellation:
Cancelling your hosting account is as simple as going to the same page you used to begin your 7 day free trial and clicking on the "Cancel Subscription" button. You must cancel your account or you will be billed at the end of the 7 day free trial period and you will continue to be automatically billed until you do so. Please understand that when you cancel your subscription (whether during the free trial period or after your account has been converted to a paid subscription), your account and any content located on it is deleted within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: Make certain that you have copies of all your files backed up before you cancel your account!. Spriteworks Developments Hosting can not and will not be held responsible for lost, damaged or deleted files.

Indemnification & Warranty Policy:
Spriteworks Development's remote hosting service (as well as all other services Spriteworks Developments offers) are provided "as is" and you agree to use them at your own risk. Spriteworks Developments specifically disclaims all warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose either expressed or implied including (but not limited to) warranties of title and noninfringement. In no event shall Spriteworks Developments Hosting be liable for any loss of data or other personal or commercial damage, including but not limited to special, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, inconsequential or other damages. Customer agrees that they shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Spriteworks Developments harmless from and against any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims (including attorney’s fees) asserted against Spriteworks Developments, its owners, agents, customers, officers, assigns and employees, that may arise or result from any service(s) provided or agreed to be provided, performed or agreed to be performed and to reimburse Spriteworks Developments with regard to any and all losses, expenses, liabilities and damages incurred by Spriteworks Developments as a result of any breach of this agreement by you including (but not limited to) any infringement of any copyright, trade-mark, patent, trade secret or any other intellectual property right of any person or content on the site or illegal, libelous, or defamatory content on same.

Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Spriteworks Developments Hosting against liabilities arising out of:

* Any injury to person or property caused by any content sold, offered or otherwise distributed in connection with Spriteworks Developments Hosting service;
* Any material supplied by customer infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party;
* Infringement of another individual's patent , trademark or copyright.
* Any defective products sold to customers from Spriteworks Developments Hosting service.
* "Downtime" as defined by any period of time during which the server and any (or all) of it's content may be inaccessible to you as a result of routine maintenance, system problems, hacking, viruses, DoS attacks or other interruptions in the service or losses and/or damage caused by such interruptions.

Spriteworks Developments Hosting shall be the sole judge of what violates this Policy. The same terms outlined in Spriteworks Development's legal agreement also apply to Spriteworks Development's hosting services.

Server abuse policy:
If Spriteworks Developments determine that any site on Spriteworks Development's servers is using too much of the server's resources and therefore abusing the server, Spriteworks Developments has the right to suspend that account without any notice. It is then up to you to contact Spriteworks Developments and devise a plan to get that account reactivated. Spriteworks Developments is quick to suspend any account that abuses the server's resources due to the shared nature of the server and the negative impact an abusing account has on other accounts on the same server.

Email & SPAM Policy:
Under no circumstances will Spriteworks Developments be responsible in any way, shape or form, to any person, group or organization for any email communications  you receive or for any content contained within your emails (including but not limited to) viruses, trojans, key loggers or any other email content not specifically named in this agreement or for any violations of privacy, losses, interruptions, errors or damages caused by any email or the content contained in them. Your use of the Spriteworks Developments email services is done entirely at your own risk and without warranties of any kind.

Spriteworks Developments Hosting is committed to a zero-tolerance, anti-Spamming policy. Under this policy,
Spriteworks Developments prohibits Spam, or any unsolicited commercial email, from being sent either over the Spriteworks Developments Hosting network, by customers or any other users of the Spriteworks Developments Hosting network (including customer's customers) and/or over ANY network— if the message sent advertises or mentions a site hosted on the Spriteworks Developments Hosting server. Responding to any unsolicited commercial email is also prohibited.

Spriteworks Developments reacts quickly and seriously to violations, and further reserves the right to terminate the services, without prior notice, of any customer disregarding this policy. Sending unsolicited commercial email (a.k.a. "spam"), cross-posting messages to a large number of other sites, posting obscene or threatening messages while using or referring to a Spriteworks Developments Hosting service email address or web site URL is prohibited. The use of Spriteworks Developments Hosting services as a mail drop for responses to activities described above is also prohibited.

If you have any complaints or comments regarding Spam on Spriteworks Development's network, please direct them via email to abuse at spriteworks dot com

Content Policy:
All services provided by Spriteworks Developments Hosting may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any United States Federal, State, Country or City law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, trademark, intellectual property, material
Spriteworks Developments judges to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret and other statute without proper authorization. The subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Spriteworks Developments Hosting from any claims resulting from the use of the service which damages the subscriber or any other party. To report abuse originating from or occurring on Spriteworks Development's servers, please contact: abuse at spriteworks at com.

Pornography and sex-related material is prohibited on all Spriteworks Developments Hosting services. This includes sites that may infer sexual content, or links to adult content elsewhere. Spriteworks Developments Hosting will be the sole arbiter in determining violations of this provision. Spriteworks Developments reserves the right to delete any content Spriteworks Developments deems inappropriate at any time and without post or prior notice.

Also prohibited are sites that promote any illegal activity or present content that may be damaging to Spriteworks Developments Hosting services or any other server on the internet. Links to such materials are also prohibited.

Examples of unacceptable activities, content or links include:

* Pirated software
* Hacker programs or archives
* Warez sites
* MP3's
* Gaming or gambling sites
* Making available any email accounts, FTP space or any other portion of your account.
* Illegal music/file sharing sites
* Distribution of worms, viruses, trojans or other damaging materials.
* Forging of Headers or misrepresenting message headers in email.

* Material protected by trade secrets.
* Exporting encryption software in violation of U.S. export laws.
* The selling of guns, ammunition, illegal drugs, body parts or other such materials.
* Sites with bulk email tools
* Credit card fraud, check fraud, or any type of forgery.
* Hate sites or sites defaming, threatening or harassing others.
* Material harmful to minors.
* Mass mail scripts.

Users who violate systems, network security or use Spriteworks Development's servers to perpetrate illegal activities may incur criminal or civil liability. Spriteworks Developments Hosting will cooperate fully with investigations of violations of systems or network security at other sites, including cooperating with law enforcement authorities in the investigation of suspected criminal violations. The AUP specifically prohibits the use of Spriteworks Development's service for illegal activities. Therefore, Subscriber agrees that the Company may disclose any and all subscriber information including assigned IP numbers, account history, account use, etc. to any law enforcement agent who makes a written request without further consent or notification to the Subscriber. In addition Spriteworks Developments Hosting shall have the right to terminate all service set forth in this Agreement.

Spriteworks Developments Hosting does not host sites of its competitors or web pages promoting sites of its competitors.

Any illegal activity, including, but not limited to, adult content, links to adult content web sites, spamming or hacking will result in the immediate termination of your account and all of it's associated content and files without prior notification.

Spriteworks Developments Hosting will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision.

Script Hosting Policy:
You are free to use any scripts you wish with the exception of FormMail, AlienForm, any web-mail type script or script that allows users to send mail, Greymatter, IRC Egg Drops and IRC related programs, lstmrge, Proxy Servers and scripts, Shell, SSH, Telnet Scripts and Shell, SSH, Telnet Alternatives, chat rooms (or any other script) that constantly refreshes, The Anonymizer and any soap mailers or any script that uses and processes a massive number of flatfiles or large flatfile databases. This list of banned scripts is not all-inclusive and
Spriteworks Developments reserves the right to change  the list at any time and/or to disable any script that effects normal server operation or service to other Spriteworks Development's Hosting customers. You will be notified within 24 hours about any offending cgi script and it will be up to you to remedy any problems it was creating.

Spriteworks Developments reserves the right to remove any banned scripts listed above if it is discovered that it is being used on your account and to suspend the offending account without notice.

Spriteworks Development's Hosting makes no guarantees whatsoever as to the content, quality, accuracy, fitness, availability, security, thoroughness or performance with respect to Spriteworks Development's remote hosting service or any of the scripts Spriteworks Developments offers via Spriteworks Development's remote hosting service or for any other scripts installed on your account whether installed by you or scripts installed by Spriteworks Developments on your behalf. Nor does Spriteworks Developments guarantee that any of these scripts will be free of errors. This also includes (but is not limited to) any add-ons, plugins, themes, modules (mods), "hacks" or other files that you choose to upload to your account. All remotely hosted scripts offered by Spriteworks Developments are third-party scripts and Spriteworks Developments only provides installation and hosting for them (along with FTP access and free email). None of Spriteworks Development's hosting services (including Spriteworks Development's remote hosting services) are intended for, nor may they be used by anyone under the age of 18. You are completely responsible for your account, the users of your account, visitors, posters, members, participants and all other parties to your site as well as any content contributed by them or activities or services you provide to them through Spriteworks Development's service. Under no circumstances will Spriteworks Developments, it's owners, agents, assigns or producers be responsible in any way or to any person, group or organization for the conduct of your users or the content contributed by your users or for the behavior of your users in any way, shape or form.

Spriteworks Developments makes absolutely no guarantees with respect to the portability, functionality or quality of any database backups of any scripts installed or hosted on it's servers whether generated by Spriteworks Developments, Spriteworks Development's hosting customers or another party  or that these database backups will function on other services (such as another hosting service).

Spriteworks Developments is not responsible for any errors, deletions or loss of data that may occur during the upgrading of your script(s), hosted on Spriteworks Development's servers. By using Spriteworks Development's remote hosting service, you understand, acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to back up any modules, add-ons, plugins, language files, themes, logos and any other modifications prior to putting in an upgrade request and that failure to do so may result in these modifications being overwritten.

Spriteworks Developments is not responsible for any intellectual property infringements with respect to your use of any scripts installed or hosted on Spriteworks Development's servers (including any script/s or other content uploaded by you) but Spriteworks Developments will authenticate, investigate and take action on intellectual property complaints when they are brought to Spriteworks Development's attention. By using any script or other such material on Spriteworks Development's servers, you are bound by the terms of that script's license and it is entirely up to you to become familiar with that license and to make sure that you understand it.

Spriteworks Developments does not actively monitor the accounts of it's users, the content stored on their accounts or content contributed by their users and it is not Spriteworks Development's responsibility to protect you from such content. Customers are completely responsible for any content located on their site including the content of their users. Also, Spriteworks Developments cannot guarantee that the script(s) you are using on Spriteworks Development's servers with Spriteworks Development's remote hosting service will always be the most recent version. All hosting is done on the spriteworks.com domain. While Spriteworks Developments is happy to assist you with the configuration of any script hosted by Spriteworks Developments as a courtesy via Spriteworks Development's Help Desk, all scripts are offered "as is" and it is not Spriteworks Development's responsibility to edit the scripts, configure them for you or to install plugins, ad-ons, themes or other "extras". Please don't expect Spriteworks Development's support technicians to troubleshoot aspects of your scripts or third party scripts that you use on your sites hosted on Spriteworks Development's servers. Customers of Spriteworks Development's hosting service are 100% responsible for maintaining backup copies of their scripts, databases and any other files that reside on their account, for the management of usernames and passwords and all other aspects of their account(s). Spriteworks Developments automatically assigns passwords to various service on your account. Spriteworks Developments will not be responsible for lost, damaged, corrupted or hacked files or for lost usernames or passwords under any circumstances.


When you open a remote hosting account with Spriteworks Developments, Spriteworks Developments uses the account name that you provide as both your username and email address prefix. So if you signed up using the account name "johndoe", your URL on Spriteworks Development's servers would be "http://johndoe.spriteworks.com" and your email address would be "johndoe@spriteworks.com". Your account name can consist of up to 50 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers only) and must not contain any words or phrases that could be construed as racist, hateful, bigoted, threatening, pornographic, illegal, infringing on another's patent or trademark or in any way defamatory of Spriteworks Developments. Spriteworks Developments reserves the right to decide at Spriteworks Development's sole discretion what constitutes a violation of this policy and to terminate any account that does not abide by it and without post or prior notice.

Policies Regarding Minors:
Spriteworks Developments does not actively advertise it's services to minors. However, In any and all cases where a customer has authorized a minor to use Spriteworks Development's hosting-related services, said customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that they are completely responsible for the behavior of the minor including the minor's use of the service,  any content either contributed by them or content they are exposed to while using the service and any resulting consequences thereof.

Traffic Policy:
Spriteworks Developments Hosting allows for very generous traffic, and most sites never exceed 500MB per month, unless they offer shareware, sound, video, image and multimedia archives, mirror sites or any site whose primary purpose is file distribution. Spriteworks Developments Hosting customers are discouraged from storing any files that cause excessive traffic on Spriteworks Developments Hosting servers. Please contact Spriteworks Developments Hosting Technical Support for more information. Again, 99% of the sites do not fall into this category and never reach
Spriteworks Development's traffic limits.

Spriteworks Developments reserves the right to refuse sale or service to anyone for any reason not prohibited by law. Also Spriteworks Developments reserves the right to terminate sale or service to any customer for any reason not prohibited by law.

Any deliberate attempt to cause damage to Spriteworks Developments Hosting or any other Internet servers such as attempting to probe the server's ports, packet sniffing, denial of service attacks (DOS attacks) will result in immediate account deactivation without prior notice. No refund is given in this case.

All account plans come with a predetermined amount of traffic allowance. Spriteworks Developments monitors all accounts and bill $5.00 for each gig of traffic exceeded. You will NOT be charged for transfer that you use beyond Spriteworks Development's generous data transfer limits without prior notification.

Support Policy:
It is the client's responsibility to have a good working knowledge of aspects of their site's operation. Please do not expect Spriteworks Developments Hosting to teach you how to use aspects of the tools at your disposal. If you have any other support questions, please use the Help Desk. All support (including by phone, FAX, email, help desk, etc) and all other means of communication is provided in English. All script installations are in English as well. However, many of the scripts
Spriteworks Developments remotely hosts are multi-lingual and allow you to choose your preferred language from the administration section.

Spriteworks Developments Hosting reserves the right to amend Spriteworks Development's Terms and Conditions at any time and without post or prior notice.

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