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  Spriteworks Development's web development tools, scripts and other web authoring software
  CSS NavBar v1.0
  RollMe! v1.0
  SuperScroller v1.0
  SuperWin v1.0
  SD-Graph v1.0
  SD-Book v1.0
  ScrollMe v1.0
  PhotoShare v1.0
  Online Announcer v1.0
  Visual Web Template v1.0
  PetSite v1.0
  DateSite v1.0
  JobSite v1.0
  ScriptSite v1.0
  SoftSite v1.0
  Battle Blox v1.0
  Media Machine v1.0
   Scripting Mod's v2.0
  WinScripter v1.0
  TextureWorks v1.0
  Hypertext Guide v2.0
   Icon Bank v4.0
   Button Blast v2.0

  Spriteworks Development's web development tools, scripts and other web authoring software
  Arrow-Bar v1.0
  Ball-Bar v1.0
  Box-Over v1.0
  Cara-Pic v1.0
  Circle-U v1.0
  Cube-U v1.0
  Double-V v1.0
  Drop-Box v1.0
  Frame-It v1.0
  Hi-Liter v1.0
  IMG-Bar v1.0
  LED-Bar v1.0
  Link-Box v1.0
  Link-Show v1.0 (Img)
  Link-Show (T/H) v1.0
  Link-Show (T/V) v1.0
  Linkpeeker v1.0
  Menu-Bar v1.0
  Navi-Bar v1.0
  Nav-U v1.0
  NewsKaster v1.0
  NewsKeeper v1.0
   Photo-Phriend v1.0
   Pic-Matic v1.0
   Pic-Share v1.0
   Proggybar v1.0
   Push-Me v1.0
  R-Bar v1.0
  Rock-Me v1.0
  SD-Flyout v1.0
  SD-Menu (H) v1.0
  SD-Menu (V) v1.0
  SD-Scroll v1.0
  SD-Tabs v1.0
  SD-Bar v1.0
   Sidebar-Buddy v1.0
   Stat-Box v1.0
   Tabby v1.0
  Tab-It v1.0
  Tee-Tip v1.0
  Thumb-Bar v1.0
  Thumb-Show v1.0
  Thumb-View v1.0
  Zoom-It (H) v1.0
  Zoom-It (V) v1.0

 Anxiety Zone is a community-run support group for people living with anxiety disorders        

 Mostly free site building tools & resources

Mostly free HTML Editors (Windows)

HTML-Kit Advanced Multi-language editor. Lots of plugins.
1st Page 2000 Professional HTML editing software for creating websites.
HTML Beauty++ HTML editor that includes a number of wizards.
Web-Ed Dual-purpose HTML and VBscript editor.
EZPad Another good HTML editor with a number of features.
Arachnophilia Comes with a built-in FTP client and lots more.
NoteTab Lite Good solid HTML editor and NotePad replacement.
HAPedit Editor for writing HTML, ASP and PHP.
Dreamweaver MX 60 day trial (Win). An 8-lesson Flash tutorial is located here.

Free HTML Editors (Linux)

Quanta Plus Many features including auto-complete for tags and more.
BlueFish HTML editor with a number of wizards and features.
Amaya The W3C's HTML editor used for testing the latest tags.
Screem Another feature rich HTML editor with all the goodies.
Nvu A complete WYSIWYG web authoring system for Linux.
BlueGriffon A modern and robust solution to edit Web pages.

Free HTML Editors (Macintosh)

AOL Press Excellent WYSIWYG editor, ideal for newbies (Mac).
BBEdit Lite Another good editor for the Macintosh platform................................

FTP clients (Windows)

CuteFTP A popular FTP client (Win). A 4-lesson Flash tutorial is located here.
WS_FTP Another good one (Win). A 3-lesson Flash tutorial is located here.
FileZilla A completely free FTP client (and server) with lots of useful features.
Crystal FTP An all around good FTP client with many features (Win).
SmartFTP A very good FTP client (Win).A 3-lesson Flash tutorial is located here.

Free FTP clients (Linux)

gFTP A popular FTP client that ships with most Linux distros (Linux).
AxyFTP............. Another good FTP client that can be downloaded separately.
iglooFTP............ This is the free GPL'd version of iglooFTP.
FireFTP............ An excellent Firefox 1.0 extension with many features.

Mostly free image editors (Windows & Linux)

Paint Shop Pro Well known and popular image editor from Jasc (60-day trial).
GIMP (mirror) Image editor with most of the features found in Photoshop.
CinePaint Create commercial quality drawings with this free studio software.
Pixia Another good one originally translated from Japanese.
Image Forge Cursor Art's lite version of their excellent software.
Inkscape An open source scalable vector graphics editor.

Miscellaneous tools and services

Hitstalk.com Submit your URL to over 100 search engines for free.
DNS tools WHOIS, tracert, ping, DNS, reverse lookup, and more.
World Translate Translate text or an entire webpage (from Altavista).
WikiPedia A free, collaborative online encyclopedia (good for research).
Public Domain Images A huge number of public domain images in many categories.
Open Source Templates An extensive (and very nice) collection of free web templates.
Spriteworks Development's Own Free Scripts A number of FREE scripts from Spriteworks Developments.
Emoticons/Smilies A huge number of emoticons and smilies in many categories.

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