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  Spriteworks Development's web development tools, scripts and other web authoring software
  CSS NavBar v1.0
  RollMe! v1.0
  SuperScroller v1.0
  SuperWin v1.0
  SD-Graph v1.0
  SD-Book v1.0
  ScrollMe v1.0
  PhotoShare v1.0
  Online Announcer v1.0
  Visual Web Template v1.0
  PetSite v1.0
  DateSite v1.0
  JobSite v1.0
  ScriptSite v1.0
  SoftSite v1.0
  Battle Blox v1.0
  Media Machine v1.0
   Scripting Mod's v2.0
  WinScripter v1.0
  TextureWorks v1.0
  Hypertext Guide v2.0
   Icon Bank v4.0
   Button Blast v2.0

  Spriteworks Development's web development tools, scripts and other web authoring software
  Arrow-Bar v1.0
  Ball-Bar v1.0
  Box-Over v1.0
  Cara-Pic v1.0
  Circle-U v1.0
  Cube-U v1.0
  Double-V v1.0
  Drop-Box v1.0
  Frame-It v1.0
  Hi-Liter v1.0
  IMG-Bar v1.0
  LED-Bar v1.0
  Link-Box v1.0
  Link-Show v1.0 (Img)
  Link-Show (T/H) v1.0
  Link-Show (T/V) v1.0
  Linkpeeker v1.0
  Menu-Bar v1.0
  Navi-Bar v1.0
  Nav-U v1.0
  NewsKaster v1.0
  NewsKeeper v1.0
   Photo-Phriend v1.0
   Pic-Matic v1.0
   Pic-Share v1.0
   Proggybar v1.0
   Push-Me v1.0
  R-Bar v1.0
  Rock-Me v1.0
  SD-Flyout v1.0
  SD-Menu (H) v1.0
  SD-Menu (V) v1.0
  SD-Scroll v1.0
  SD-Tabs v1.0
  SD-Bar v1.0
   Sidebar-Buddy v1.0
   Stat-Box v1.0
   Tabby v1.0
  Tab-It v1.0
  Tee-Tip v1.0
  Thumb-Bar v1.0
  Thumb-Show v1.0
  Thumb-View v1.0
  Zoom-It (H) v1.0
  Zoom-It (V) v1.0

 Anxiety Zone is a community-run support group for people living with anxiety disorders        

- Spriteworks Development's Web Design Services -

Whether your site is intended to attract the casual visitor or big business, designing a site that is attractive, dynamic and user-friendly is important. Making sure it is search engine friendly and promoting it is equally as important. Spriteworks Developments is fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript and DHTML. Spriteworks Developments also has many years of experience using tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Paint Shop Pro, and a variety of other tools and utilities. it's important to have lots of tools on hand because each customer's needs are going to be different. The more tools you have, the more of those needs your going to be able to cater to. It just makes sense.

You won't find any canned templates or design packages here either because Spriteworks Developments doesn't offer them. The preferred way of doing business is to sit down with customers one-on-one, get to know them and find out what their requirements are. This is done in a way that they most feel comfortable with and at their convenience. Some customers may want their site optimized for the search engines or promoted. Others may want a simple 5-page website or a much larger one. Still others may only want their site jazzed up a bit. Spriteworks Developments can accommodate all of these things for a reasonable fee and get them done in a timely manner, making sure at each step that the customer is satisfied with the work being done for them.

Some of the work Spriteworks Developments does involves fine-tuning your site to make it search engine friendly. An assortment of powerful tools is used to accomplish this but all of the hard-coding and testing is done by hand so that the results can be seen rather than relying on an automated tool to get the job done and just "hoping" for the best. Some of the things that are paid close attention to are...

* The types of meta tags in each page
* Keywords, Description, Page Title and Body content.
* The Alt & Title tags in your links and images

Regardless of whether Spriteworks Developments designs a site from scratch or simply touch up an existing one, the customer is consulted at every step of the way. Spriteworks Developments thinks it is important for them to be able to play an interactive role in the design of their site while being free of having to do any of the actual work themselves. Some of the design services offered are...

* Simple 5-10 page websites from scratch
* Large websites with 25-50 pages or more
* Adding features such as menus, forms, image maps, scripts, applets, etc
* Creating logos, ads and other graphical elements (animated or static)
* Design and promotion consulting done live or by email

Spriteworks Developments doesn't have any set prices on design or promotion services because each customer is going to have different needs and requirements. If you think you might be interested in any of these services and/or would like a quote, please open up a customer support ticket, list your needs and Spriteworks Developments will get back to you as soon as possible.

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